Tech Woman the Odd One Out

I am neither a hero nor a victim. I’m just a tech woman, the ugly duckling, the odd one out. The world is torn in two directions. On one side I read articles about how difficult it is to be a woman in the world of information technology, I see statistics showing the low percentage of… Read More »

Software bug, a marvelous creature!

If you like BUGS, your place is in the IT. Imagine spending your time searching for bugs and analyzing them, admiring their complexity and amazing talent to disguise and to transform. If bugs are not the reason why you chose IT, you might find the answer here Why did you choose IT? Perfection is just an illusion,… Read More »

Island Hopping or just a regular day in the IT

Let me answer THE question raised in my previous post Grandma’s Cookies by inviting you to spend a typical day with me in the office, in a fast forward mode, of course. Don´t worry, I will skip the uninteresting details and do my best to keep your attention. Let me grab my morning coffee first, bear with… Read More »

Why to become a programmer?

If you work in the IT or it is just your hobby, you must know it. If you know anybody who works or is passionate about IT, you must know it as well. I am talking about THE question: „Why did you choose IT and what do you actually do?“. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? If not, then… Read More »