About this Site

This site is a humble attempt to explain what is IT all about. As there are plenty of  scientific and highly professional articles and books about this topic, I would like to try something different. I believe that, by finding similarities between the complex and abstract world of the IT and the rest of the world, it would bring this world closer to the people and make it more tangible. After all, IT is made by humans, thus there most be some some kind of similarity.

I accept the challenge and invite you to join the journey of Parallel IT ies.

During this journey I will tell you about real life stories, situations and personal tips based on my long experience in the IT world mixed with a breeze of fiction. Thinking about similarities forces us to change the perspective on things we tend to focus too hard. Changing perspective opens our mind and helps us find the answers we are looking for.

If You are an IT person interested in purely technical articles about the latest technology trends, best practices or searching for manuals for programming languages, I have to disappoint you, as you will not find it on this site. Before you close the browser window, give it a try, you might find it interesting, you could even stumble upon familiar topics, real life situations you have experienced as well. It could make you smile or make you angry, in any case, I am glad you stayed and would be happy to hear your story.

If You are not an IT person, this site should help you understand us (IT people) better. My intention is not to teach you how to code, I would like to show this magical world and it’s creators from another angle. After all you could even change your perception of the IT Nerds and those crazy, uncontrollable, self thinking computers.

May the journey begin!